First Learning / ファーストラーニング




Our Team

Foreign teachers






Hi, my name is Darlene from the Philippines. My career with child development began after I’ve worked as a English teacher after I graduated college. It was then I knew I wanted to pursue a career working with young children. Taking care of the young ones, interacting with people and devoting myself to education provide me a great sense of satisfaction. I am looking forward to watching and helping your children grow, so they can fully understand and use English in a way where they are thinking for themselves and becoming their own individual. My hobbies are watching movies, reading books, listening to music, travelling and making handicrafts. I look forward to meeting all of you. Let’s have a great time together! 😊

こんにちは、私の名前はダーリーンです。フィリピンの出身です。大学を卒業後、英語教師として働き、その間育児のキャリアを積み上げていきました。 それ以降、小さい子供たちと一緒に過ごせる環境で働きたいと願っていました。 幼児接する事の出来る当スクールは、保護者の皆様との交流も含め、本当に楽しいです。 皆様のお子様がどんどん成長して、いずれは自分自身で英語を十分に理解して使うことが出来るようになっていく姿を楽しみにしています。 趣味は映画観賞、読書、音楽を聴くこと、旅行、工芸品を作ることです。 皆さんと会えることを楽しみにしています。 一緒に楽しい時間を過ごしましょう! 😊

Bilingual teachers


イギリス、オーストラリアでの留学、また英語圏以外での生活を経験した後、国際交流、英語教育に携わる仕事を長年してきました。自分自身が母親となり、子どもたちが日本にいながら、どうやったら自然な英語 を身につけられるのかを考えるようになりました。同じように英語の必要性を感じられているお母さん方の何かお手伝いができたらと思っています。英語環境での遊びや楽しい体験を通して、子どもたちには語学力だけではなく、 自分で考える力、表現する力を養ってほしいと願っております。

Nice to meet you. I am Hiroko.
After studying abroad in United Kingdom and in Australia, and experiencing life in non-English-speaking countries, I have been involved in occupations which related to English education and culture exchange activities for many years. When becoming a mother myself, I started to think about how children can naturally gain English while living in Japan. I would like to help out mothers in general, who also believes in the necessity of English. Through playing and having a fun experience in an English-speaking environment, I hope the children would not only achieve language skills, but also the ability to think on their own, and the power to express.
My hobbies are watching movies with my child, traveling, and cafe hopping.
Looking forward to seeing you.





I have spent my childhood abroad and also studied in college abroad. I am very happy and excited to be part of this school, and to be able to support both children and their parents, using my experience abroad and also my English skills. Through the curriculum filled with fun activities which can also lead to learning many things, I hope for each students to grow their interest and independency. I personally love to sing and dance, so it would be great to talk about fun music topics with the students!
I will try my best to fill the school with smiles. Thank you.