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Foreign teachers



Hi everyone, my name is Claudi. I’ve been living in Japan for more than 10 years, of those more than 7 years I’ve been working on English education for children. I believe that using a playful and natural environment can help kids to learn naturally through every day situations while reinforcing the speaking and self confidence. My motivation is to contribute to the English learning process of new generations to whom English will become a truly helpful ability for their daily life, work and understanding of other cultures in the near future and also to break the barriers and fears of learning a new language since they are starting from an early stage of their learning process. My hobbies are jogging, drawing and listening to music. Hope to meet you soon and have fun learning English♪




Hi, I’m Michael. I believe that learning English is really important as it unlocks a lot of things. The joy that it brings you is amazing. You can understand the world news in English, immerse yourself in English speaking movies, appreciate the lyrics in English musicals, achieving higher education gets easier, and a lot more. Starting them young would be best. I love being with children and supporting them. Helping them grow to become better individuals all while having fun.
A hobby I’m really passionate about is doing magic tricks and would love to show it to the young ones as it puts a smile on their faces everytime. Looking forward to meet all of you. Let’s have a fun-filled day, each day! 😄




Hello Everyone,My name is Junique. My passion of caring and teaching kids became more a self devotion when I start working in this school.I appreciate much the harmonious relationship of colleagues at work,looking forward that working hand in hand in a caring,loving and friendly environment could give more benefits for kids to grow and learn positively,not only to learn,speak and express themselves in English language,but to help them develop and grow with positive outlook side of life in interacting with other people.
My hobbies are singing,playing guitar,cooking,travelling,making creative yet simple arts and handicrafts. Cannot wait to see new faces!


Bilingual teachers



I have spent my childhood abroad and also studied in college abroad. I am very happy and excited to be part of this school, and to be able to support both children and their parents, using my experience abroad and also my English skills. Through the curriculum filled with fun activities which can also lead to learning many things, I hope for each students to grow their interest and independency. I personally love to sing and dance, so it would be great to talk about fun music topics with the students!
I will try my best to fill the school with smiles. Thank you.

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